By utilizing the wisdom of nature, I strive to create original therapeutic remedies for my clients specializing in women's reproductive health care and adrenal support.  Using Western herbal medicine, flower essences, and aromatherapy, it is my desire to help my clients find their unique states of balance.

I Can Assist You In

  • Utilizing herbal medicine to support a healthy body, mind and soul for self and family.

  • Making an herbal plan to promote a vibrant life.

  • Learning the safety issues of medicinal plants and helping assess herb/drug interactions.

  • Learning about the plants growing in your neighborhood, on your land, in the wild, and how they might support you.

  • Becoming familiar with the traditional and current uses of a number of medicinal plants by introducing you to their materia medica- their special gifts that they provide.

  • Learning how to properly identify plants in the wild.

  • Discovering how to harvest plants: including how to properly dry plants for storage.

  • Learning how to prepare a bevy of medicinal herbal preparations.

  • And most importantly, help to guide you in building your own unique relationship to the plant allies you are called to work with.


  • $150 initial 1.5 hr consultation

  • $50/30 min. for follow up visits- scheduled at 30 or 60 minutes depending on the client's needs

  • Sliding scale and trade available upon request, please contact me to discuss options- no one is turned away due to financial hardship- trades are welcome.

  • Please contact me to set up a private consultation 


Herbal Medicine Making Classes


Learn how to make a bevy of herbal preparations


  • Water Infusions and Decoctions 

  • Syrups, Elixirs, and Cordials 

  • Infused Honeys, Vinegars, Oxymiels, and Wines

  • Tinctures and Glycerites

  • Herbal Infused Oils

  • Salves, Lip Balms, Vapor Rubs, and Muscle Rubs

  • Creams and Lotions

  • Therapeutic Gels

  • Essential Oil Based Products: Hydrosols, Spritzers, Essential Oil Spirits, and Essential Oil Emulsions

  • Pills, Capsules, and Lozenges 

  • Suppositories


Materia Medica


Learn about the medicinal uses of a number of native and non-native plants via delving into the specific characteristics that define the herb.


  • Including: the family it belongs to, botanical characteristics, native region, preferred habitat, growth requirements, constituent content, actions on the body, traditional and current uses, preparations and dosages, safety considerations, herb/drug interactions, plus any folk lore surrounding the herb. 

  • Classes can be formatted as a walk in the woods or other arrangements can be made.


Herb Walks


Explore what plants are growing right in your backyard, neighborhood, or local park.  Herb walks help you to connect to the plants native to your region, which in turn helps connect you to your community and to your place on Earth. 


  • Guided herb walks will be focused on familiarizing you with local medicinal and edible plants, how to use the plants as medicine, what to use the plants for, how to combine plants for optimal medicinal action, and how to process the herbs into a bevy of herbal products.

  • You will be amazed at the plethora of medicinal plants that can be found right in front of your eyes!!! 

  • Contact me to set up a guided herb walk in your neighborhood!


Bring the Spa to You 


The spa isn’t the only place where you can go to take care of your precious skin; bring the spa into your own home!  You can easily make your own spa products with simple ingredients for a fraction of the cost. Throw a party for you and your friends and and I will help you to discover how to make your own inexpensive herbal spa products! 


Such As:  facial scrubs, toners, masques, creams and steam blends; as well as body scrubs, deodorant, mouthwash, hair rinses, and foot soaks.  

  • We will discuss herbal blends for any skin type, and explore the healing and rejuvenating qualities of the various products you choose to make.  

  • These amazing products will help exfoliate, buff, shine, tighten, smooth, and sooth your skin like never before without costing you a fortune!  

  • We will begin our time together making a number of spa products and then we will learn how to apply the products made for a super fun and relaxing spa treatment.

  • There’s nothing quite as relaxing as pampering oneself, or as fun as getting together with friends and family for a special spa night! 


Create a Class that's Right for You


Don't see the class offering listed above that's completely right for you?  I can custom organize your experience to combine various elements of herbalism that speak to you.  Contact me to begin designing your own customized learning experience!


  • Group Talks or Workshops: $150 per hour

  • Private Lessons: $75 per hour per person- discounted rate for 10 or more people

  • Plant Walks: Private- $75 per hour; Group- 3hr walk  $50 per person (5 person limit)

  • Sliding scale and trade available upon request, please contact me to discuss options

Crystal Hamby


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