• My passion is educating my community on the many benefits that herbal medicine can provide for them.  I teach in a wide variety of formats: via local herbal apothecaries, herbal conferences and events, in person one-on-one sessions, or online.  See below for a list of current class offerings.

  • Would you like to book me to teach at your event/school?  Please contact me to do so!

  • During our current social distancing restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, I am happy to book on online class that can be arranged to suite you or your event needs.  

Due to COVID restrictions, all in person classes have been cancelled until further notice.  


Be safe and take care of yourself, your loved ones, your community.  May we all receive the healing that we need at this time.



Herbal Conferences/Events

The Northwest Herb Fair

I am super excitged to be teaching at this year's fair, held August 20-22 at the Lake Leland Ampitheater in Quilcene, WA.  There will be mutlitple herbalists teaching a variety of workshops, plus live music!  Come gather with the herbal community in a beautiful outdoor setting- 


Workshops I am Leading


The Foundations of Herbal Medicine Making

As an herbal medicine maker I believe that I can make my own herbal medicines that are as effective, or more so, than most remedies sold on the market, and at a fraction of the cost! In the Foundations of Herbal Medicine Making workshop we will discuss the following concepts: defining herbal terms, constituent solubility, folk method vs weight to volume method and calculating for weight to volume, calculating for parts conversions, knowing what part of the plant to harvest and when to harvest it, and more. These concepts are the core foundation for making potent herbal medicines and will aid you in making the strongest medicine you can make!


Date and Time: details coming soon!


The Art and Science of Crafting Herbal Bitters

Bitters are all the rage right now, many bars are creating their own cocktail bitters and there seems to be a new bitters company born every minute! But what is a bitter? And, how is a bitter made? This workshop teaches the fundamentals of crafting a bitter: from the history of bitters, to what a bitter is and what plant based phytochemicals produce a bitter flavor, to discussing secondary medicinal actions from some common bitter herbs, to how to formulate and make your own bitters. Participants will have the oportunity try various bitters, and there will be a focus on making bitters from common PNW plants.


Date and Time: details coming soon!


Plant Walk

details coming soon!


Mystery, Medicine and Magic Apprenticeship

It is my great honor to be teaching and learning during this 2 year long apprenticeship.  May my heart open, my mind expand, and my love of the plants explode in a flurry of green goodness!  At this time the apprenticeship is full.

Class details by Joyce Netishen, mystery magic plant spirit goddess!

  • "Mystery, Medicine, and Magic... a healer's path.  An apprenticeship for women… by women.  This apprenticeship is about the path of the healer. It’s about mystery and medicine. It’s about oracles and healing, beauty and power. It’s about a woman’s remembering and intuition, and how she develops a healing touch so intentional that her hands become the medicine."