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  • My passion is educating my community on the many benefits that herbal medicine can provide for them.  I teach community herb classes through Dandelion Botanical in Ballard, WA.  See below for a list of current class offerings.

  • I may also be teaching a class at an herbal conference/event near you, see below for my event schedule.

  • Would you like to book me to teach at your event/school?  Please contact me to do so!


Classes at Dandelion Botanical Co.



I am currently in the process of setting my 2020 class schedule, check back soon for dates.




Herbal Conferences/Events


The NW Herb Symposium: Botanicals at the Beach


Join me for this incredible herbal symposium held at the breathtakingly beautiful beach on Whidbey Island.  There are a bevy of incredible speakers this year to help inspire any level of herbal knowledge- website

  • Friday 8/23/19 from 11am-12:30pm:  Foundations of Herbal Medicine Making- During this class we will discuss the basics of herbal medicine making: defining common terms used, constituent solubility and why it's important, folk method vs weight to volume method, proper plant identification, knowing what part of the plant to harvest and when to harvest it, sustainable wildcrafting, dried versus fresh herb, how to properly label your products and why you should, parts conversion for formulas given in parts, and so much more. These concepts are the core foundation for making your own herbal medicines and will aid you in making the strongest medicine you can make. 

  • Saturday 8/24/19 from 2-3;30pm: Herbal First Aid: The Practical Application of Herbs for Acute First Aid Conditions- Herbal therapies have been used for centuries in the care and management of common first aid ailments.  I find herbs to have a profound healing effect when used in the right amount, at the right time, in the right preparation.  In this class, we will cover how to assess a first aid situation, how to determine whether the condition we are presented with is acute or chronic, how to categorize herbs based on actions needed for quick reference, how to dispense herbal treatments, the types of therapies used in treating most common ailments, as well as group discussion on how one would treat a variety of acute first aid situations.

  • Sunday 8/25/19 from 8:30-10:00am: 10 Plants Everyone Should Know- An exploration into the herbs surrounding us, this class is designed to introduce people to 10 herbs that are integral to herbal medicine.  The class will cover the materia medica of our 10 herbs via delving into the specific characteristics that define the herb; including: the family it belongs to, botanical characteristics, native region, preferred habitat, constituent content, actions on the body, traditional and current uses, plus any folk lore surrounding the herb, and which medicinal preparations can be made utilizing the herb’s vital force.  We will cover herbs that are either native to the Pacific NW, or that are easy to grow in the garden in order to bring us all closer to the plant spirits that surround us and are just waiting for us to use them in building an herbal medicine chest.


Mystery, Medicine and Magic Apprenticeship

It is my great honor to be teaching and learning during this year long apprenticeship.  May my heart open, my mind expand, and my love of the plants explode in a flurry of green goodness!  At this time the apprenticeship is full.

Class details by Joyce Netishen, mystery magic plant spirit goddess!

  • "Mystery, Medicine, and Magic... a healer's path.  An apprenticeship for women… by women.  This apprenticeship is about the path of the healer. It’s about mystery and medicine. It’s about oracles and healing, beauty and power. It’s about a woman’s remembering and intuition, and how she develops a healing touch so intentional that her hands become the medicine."

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