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  • My passion is educating my community on the many benefits that herbal medicine can provide for them.  I teach in a wide variety of formats: via local herbal apothecaries, herbal conferences and events, in person one-on-one sessions, or online.  See below for a list of current class offerings.

  • Would you like to book me to teach at your event/school?  Please contact me to do so!

  • During our current social distancing restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, I am happy to book on online class that can be arranged to suite you or your event needs.  

Community Class Offerings



Herbal Conferences/Events

Northwest Herbal Fair

August 16-18th in Quilcene WA

I am honored to be teaching at this year's NW Herb Fair!  This event is like no other in Washington state, it is an event that centers on community and education and is filled with laughter, music, and fun.  Over 70 teachers are sharing their knowledge and passion for herbal medicine this year and it is sure to be an event that leaves everyone feeling inspired with their soul full and their heart happy.

Here are the events I will be offering:

First Aid for Herbalists: how to assess what the body needs and what the plants may offer

People have been applying herbs in first aid scenarios for thousands of years. In this workshop we will discuss how to assess the signs and symptoms of the body through western energetics, how to categorize herbs based on the needs of the body, and we will discuss which herbs are good choices for use when treating a variety of common first aid conditions- such as, minor injuries, respiratory conditions, and digestive issues. Herbal materia medica will focus on plants of the PNW, along with some commonly utilized herbs for first aid treatment.

Day and Time TBA


The Bounty of the PNW: a medicinal focused plant walk

We are fortunate to reside in the PNW, where medicinal herbs abound and the call of nature is strong. In this plant walk we will uncover a bevy of herbs that can be used for medicinal support. Through our discovery we will discuss how to identify our medicinal allies, which part of the plant to harvest, the best time to harvest the plant, the plant's medicinal powers, and how to best prepare the plant for use. We will also discuss how to wildcraft with intention and integrity. For those who love botany and plant id, we will discuss the specific morphological details that identify the plants we meet via speaking in the language of botanical terminology.

Day and Time TBA



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