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Green Blessings

Herbal Counseling and Classes

May your herbal medicine support you in health and well-being 

Wisdom Through Nature


My knowledge stems from my devotion to all things green, and from my education in herbal medicine.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University, where I am an adjunct faculty member teaching classes in the Botanical Medicine department.

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of plant medicine, whether they wish to incorporate herbal medicine into their personal/family health care, they desire to learn how to identify plants in their environment and discover their medicinal uses,  or they would like to learn how to transform medicinal plants into a bevy of herbal preparations to help support good health for themselves and their household. 

It is my desire to bring the wisdom of herbal medicine back into the lives of those in my community so that I may inspire and educate those around me to live a more healthful life. My goal is to assist my clients in discovering how herbal medicine can be incorporated into their life, as well as to bring an affordable and effective form of health care to my community.


The Role of the Herbal Practitioner


As an herbalist, my role is to assist you in achieving your health goals via consultation and education by providing you with the information and tools necessary so that your specific goals for health and well-being can be realized.  I neither diagnose nor directly treat or cure disease; my focus is on educating you and supporting you in how to best enhance your body's own brilliant innate healing capacity. 

  • My intention is to help you achieve the highest state of health consistent with your own goals. 

  • Our beautiful and complex bodies want to be in a state of balance and they contain a brilliant innate self healing system. Herbal medicine is incredibly adaptive and our plant allies can be used to stimulate and modulate the various pathways in the body back into a state of harmony.  By utilizing properly prepared herbal remedies I can help encourage your body's own innate healing potential in order to bring it back into it's own sense of balance.

  • Every person has their own unique mind, body and spirit; I will consider your individual constitution and recommend the most vital herbal formulas specifically designed for you and your specific goals.


Located in Tulalip, WA. 

Tel: 206-295-6746

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